Key2MyHeart is an installation by Luis Fernandez and Douwe Schmidt where you can use your heartbeat to generate a key to send and receive encrypted mail.

To fully enjoy what we are at here, you'll need to learn a bit about PGP, how to use our service and our intentions. Luckily we've got them all covered for you in the three sections below. Enjoy and drop us a word!

What is PGP?

We didn't invent this. PGP has been around for millions of years in Internet terms. Learn a bit on the background of the decennia old and ancient technology to send secure messages over the internet.

How to use Key2MyHeart

If you met us in real life, changes are you are actually having a bracelet now that contains the key to your heart. Learn here how to put your key to work and start sending and receiving encrypted messages.

Our intentions

Why, how, when? And what is wrong with us anyway? Read the answers to some of these questions here and learn more about the key2myheart project